Shoe Box of Memories

by Anonymous

My Jimmy died a couple of months ago. His heart gave out.

I came across one of his first emails to me. Every word proven to be so full of meaning. True love, that no one ever read but me.

No funeral, no celebration of his life, but my, he was such a man and lover. Not a word has been changed.

Jimmy’s email to me…

Well my love. Yes I have been with a few women in my life. Have always enjoyed women, but as you say I may be a bit bisexual. But as far as men go have only met a couple. And it was OK , but not the same for me.

Now as to transgendered, you are only the second one I have ever been with. And I know you are male, but my love for you is as a woman, not the male side. And that my sweet would never change even if I do ever see the male side of you.

And yes I know you told me several times that you no longer have a need for sex and my darling it is OK with me.  I mostly need to just be able to touch and hold you.

Now to get to the nitty gritty on me. It seems I can longer get an erection so sad to say I must learn to live with that.

Now not wanting to get myself in trouble with you my darling, but must admit when holding and rubbing and kissing on your lovely body. Well it causes wild feelings in me and at times makes me drip all over.

And I do so enjoy your take charge attitude over me, no idea why but makes me feel so good.

While on the subject lol , you felt my nipples and told me yours are much bigger and to go home and dream about them. Well my sweet that I have done.

Now I never tried to touch your breasts as I wait for a hint from you, so, I stay polite and not because of a problem between us, was going to ask several times but never quite got up enough nerve so far, so will ask you now, do you think I would ever be allowed to nibble and kiss them some day.

Please don’t get upset with me, as either way you answer I will still hold you in high regard and respect your wishes.

Like I say I do try to treat all ladies with deep respect and not cause any hard feelings for her.

And yes my sweet I still get my sexual wants in my mind but alas life has showed me, it is almost over so must admit it and do the best I can.

Gosh I haven’t opened up my life like this to any one, and it seems to be long winded in this letter to you.

Just hope I don’t offend you when reading this.

Love Jimmy

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