My Unrequited Love, Pinh's Song

Hoxton (London)

Dear Pinh,

You are the light that brightens my life. I doubt you will ever know just how my heart skips whenever I catch sight of you, or how my soul soars when we talk.

My mind is often filled only with you. Your voice, your laugh, your thoughts on life, your eyes. These leave me stunned, unable to think of anything else, or do anything other than dream of being with you, of seeing love for me in your eyes.

You are, Pinh, simply wonderful.

You are one of the most beautiful, intelligent, witty and compassionate people I suspect I will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and you have made me strive to be a better human being just by being you.

Whenever I see you, my thoughts are filled with your spellbinding beauty, and it’s as if my eyes are awash with the most alluring paintings. When I am lucky enough to hear you laugh, my ears are alive with the most delightful symphony.

How is it that I cannot declare to you Pinh, my love?

I long to be able to talk to you and openly discuss my feelings. But I cannot. I wish I had the courage to confess myself to you l, but I fear either making you feel terribly awkward or spoiling the few conversations I enjoy with you now.

I am quite sure I am not your type, and that surely someone as truly wonderful as you must already have a special someone. I actually do hope that is the case.

You deserve the best that life has to offer. Every day, with joy in your heart, wonder in your mind and adventure in your soul.

When we’ve talked, Pinh, I’ve been enrapt with the beauty in your soul, and the warmth that courses from your heart. I wish I were in your heart, and I wish that we could talk openly.

I can only regret my idiotic apology given in haste, and whilst I tried the next day to mend things it was clear that I had changed them forever.

I gave you the impression that I regretted that Thursday, that I was embarrassed by the message you received. I didn’t give you a chance to tell me whether you were upset by the message or happy.

How I wish I could take that all back, admit that I wrote the message you did receive, and resend the one that I deleted. Then you would know how I felt, and how much I care for you.

With that I could sweep you off your feet, show you how I would love you forever, and be your inspiration, your rock, your companion and your steadfast friend for life.

I will always love you, Pinh, and will always care for you; may my love reach across the universe and provide you with happiness and joy in your life’s journey, protect you from its pitfalls and be with you always and forever.

Yours, ever with love

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