My Love Letter to Him: Tigger (JWD)

by Aerwyna

You always played a suspicious role. Usurping the throne of every love.

When I messed up a hundredth time you candidly denied me a hundredth chance. I should have know that down the road, years away, I’d be thinking about you everyday, a child in my arms sitting feet away the love of my life, yet when alone I pray.

Selfishly I pray and pray that he will leave me, deceive me, completely stop believing me. Not because I believe you would give me another chance, but because my sin of loving you more than my own husband is too great of a burden to bear. Selfish.

Just the other morning, I heard another mourning about the woman I thought was your soulmate: the beautiful, blonde, cool girl. The smart girl. The new girl.

Turned out to be just another stupid girl. Like me.

I was so happy when I thought you were happy. So let me say another prayer that any girl from anywhere who is kind, anyone who is genuine, will find my truest love and care for you, hold you, embrace you and love him in all the ways I wish I could.

I truly will love you forever.

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