A Love Poem to Andrei


In that faraway western city beside two rivers,
Where the Volga and Samara melt into one
There, like a river nymph, you were born among the waves
Andrei, my darling
You enter a room
Much in the way that
The sun breaks over the
Your gaze is the barren winter
Hardened by all that you’ve suffered
But your smile is the hope of spring, and the promise of something better thereafter

Does she love you, and do you love her? If the answer is yes, then I shall be content. My love, I will rejoice.

My heart shall be broken, but how can I despair if I know
That my Andrei loves and is loved in return?

Love letters and love poems are a great way of expressing your feelings to someone you aren’t able to speak the truth to at this moment in time.  Read more secret love letters from other admirers and lovers.