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Our Love Message Board is a listing of short love messages and love notes sent in by our readers. Some are fun and cute, some are mushy while others are truly heartfelt.

Posting a love note or message for all the world to see is a great way of letting out your feelings or telling that special someone in your life that you’re thinking of them.

Posted by 'Ew it's Chris'

Dear Haya,

I know you don't care if you get a letter or not but I figured I'd make one anyways because you deserve at least one for today. What I really want to do is make one for every day we've talked because every day we talk is a day well spent and lived.

We've only known each other for about a year and only really started to talk to each other daily since a couple weeks but I feel like I've connected more with you than anyone I've ever talked to online or in real life. Yes I've probably connected more with you than I have with my own family.

Now I could go on and on about how amazing and kind and beautiful you are but then I'd be here all year and then I'd have to immediately make a new letter again. So I'll just put it in this small token of appreciation.

You are an amazing, wonderful, funny, kind and beautiful human being and I am really glad I met you. I hope we'll have plenty more days together and that I can one day give you more than just some online letter. Here's to an amazing 2020!

Posted by Anonymous

Dearest Rohan,

I love you more than words can say. I want to be near you. When you hold me in your arms it's like I am holding the whole world. You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me and when I look into your eyes, I'm lost in a world of magic and love.

Posted by Anonymous

I love you Gareth. I think about you every day and wished we were together. Even if it is just friends. I miss how funny you were. Everytime I see you my heart feels like it has stopped. I can't change how I feel.

I know that your the only man for me.

I held my daughter in hospital when she was born looking out the window thinking we could have had this life together. Just me and you xx.

Posted by Alina J.

Love u my lifeline ❤ ..... Jan e man 🙈🙈 u love u soo much ❤❤ naraz na hua kro mere se ... jb tm naraz hoti ho us waqt asa lgta hai k zindagi ruk c gai hai .. so my princess naraz na hua kro gusaa na kia kro 😘😘😘 lovee uu so much sweet heart ❤😘

Posted by Katie

My Baby... I love you with all my heart.

Posted by 'BC'

Eu tô aqui, só falta você perceber. Estamos perdendo tempo. Eu te amo.

Posted by 'E'

To the woman I love... I love you, but at this point even I know 'us' will never exist. I don't need anyone, not going to date anyone. You are more than with anyone, girlfriend? I have you, you are more than a girlfriend, you are my special someone that has my heart, you are my everything.

You will always have a special place in my heart no matter happens. Remember the only day I will walk out of your life, is when you walk out on me. If you don't, I promise I won't... and why still love if you're not the reason?

Much love...

Posted by Victor

From The Adimo to Irene Adhiambo...

The distance is real. Whenever I think of your absence around me it feels like the world has broken into two and that we are in separate worlds. However, through all this I find hope, strength and peace hidden in your pinky promise, "it shall be one sooner." I feel like we have conquered the world by being able to stick together even when we are not physically together.

Much love...

Posted by Napasorn yoo

Hey baby, I know that we haven't been together for that long yet but I feel like I've known you for all my life and I love you more each day. I'm so glad to be yours...

Posted by Anonymous

To Love, With Love
I don't love casually.
When I love, it's fierce.
It's my soul ripped
wide open and raw.

It's my whole heart
On display
It's all I have
And everything I know
handed over to you,
like a gift.

I hope you unwrap it gently.

Posted by Chocolate Sweetheart

Now this is not a Love letter more like Crush letter. 😘

You caught me by surprise in the soda aisle in the Wawa on 9/28/19. I had on a scarf and sun glasses. You with hat, beard, and nice personality also cute eyes. I loved your tatts on your arm. We had a short but a little flirty conversation. I told you that you made me smile for the day. You told me I made you smile when you saw me. 😊

You also asked me what I had planned for the day, I said getting my hair done. Just wanted to know why didn't you get my digits? Lol...I had to get this out my system. 😁

Posted by ' L '

Dear Salman,

I want to let you know that, although we do not know each other, I have grown to love you and care about you. From the little that I do know about you, I know that you are very kind and sweet and extremely intelligent.

You are gone and it seems the opportunity has passed but I still hold on to the hope that we will meet again.

I hope so. Even if we don't, I wish every good for you, always and forever, and I want you to always be happy and healthy and to take care of yourself.

Much love,


Posted by Lucy | September 2019


There will come a time when we do not understand the things we used to understand, moments we used to have, time we always managed — It's waking up the same mornings everyday. Work, home, work, home — Same problems at work, same problems at home.

Sometimes we forget ourselves because we are too focused fixing other matters. But that doesnt mean we care less or we love less.

Work is as heavy as we are right now, gaining weight is not easy. 😂 Burning it is the only solution — same as burning our problems.

We grow and grow and become the most matured human beings in our town.

I will always love you no matter what happens. Thank you for being loyal 🙂

"You and me, just us two"

I love you.

To The Man I Love

"Love is not about how many days, months, or years. Love is about how much you love every single day".

Thank you for being the man, I love and treasure so much.

If I could give you one thing, it would be for you to see yourself in my perspective. To understand how amazing of a man you are and how special you are.

Have an amazing week =) you are the best, meu amor.

xo anonymous

Posted by Cotton Candy

Dear Pink Choco,

I know that to you, I am but a simple nobody. But alas, I have fallen head over heels for you. The way you smile, your eyes glow with joy. The way you speak, and form your words, always thinking of others first. The way your body sways, as if you were in a constant dance.

I love you, and all your bits and pieces.

Posted by Shinny

My love Punny,

Guess what today is? Yes!! Its our 6 month anniversary! I can not believe we came this far. I am so happy to have you all this year. Every 21st day I feel very special.

Thank you for loving me... And I love you.❤️❤️

Posted by Mom

To my son, Ring....

You are an amazing young are amazing in everything you do-you amaze me. I don't understand what is going on in this world that we have somehow been given to work with right now but we can only thank God that we have this chance that only God could have made happen.

You are one of the most beautiful creations this world has in it and I'm so honored to be your mom and so thankful to be your friend.

I love you and I will forever, all ways and always.

Never give up and never doubt this. You are the reason I never give up. Please keep being the awesomeness that is you.



Posted by Trish

Marczel, mahal ko... kumusta ang araw mo?
Ako eto, nag-umpisa sa mga alaala mo
Alaala nung matamis mong ngiti
Yung lambot ng labi mo ng dumampi
Sabi ko ang swerte ko, para mahalin ako ng ganito
Hindi lang ng isang tulad mo, pero yung ikaw mismo
Sa totoo lang madami ng dumaan sa buhay ko
Kaya minsan naiisip ko bat ang gulo ng mundo
Pero alam mo ba sa tuwing yakap mo ako
Sa mga sandaling nakasandala sayo aking ulo
lahat nung takot, lahat ng lito
lahat yun napapawi. lahat naglalaho
Wala pang dumating sa buhay ko na kasing tyaga mo
Ung lahat ng toyo ko nasasalo mo
Pero kesa galit o pagtulak saken palayo
Lambing at pagunawa padin yung alay mo
Kaya salamat, Marczel, mahal ko...
Yung araw di pa sumisikat pero buo na araw ko
Alam mo ba kung bakit ganito?
Kz ramdam ng puso ko yung nag-uumapaw na pag-ibig galing sayo
At sana kahit ngayon mejo malayo, sana maiparamdam ko sayo

Posted by Anonymous

I'm currently having one of the best nights of my life and I realized something. I like nerdy guys.

Guys who will banter with me and who are a little rough around the edges but have a sweet core. Who laugh and talk and are pretty cute. And as I thought about this I realized my type was literally you. I've had a crush on you for about a year, but I always figured it was just silly and I didn't REALLY like you. I don't know, I guess something changed tonight.

Posted by Chrupka

Kocham twoje chrząstkowe ciałko i ciebie w tym ciałku, twoje gałeczki oraz to, że jesteś odludkiem i masz swój świat. Jesteś bardzo słodki!

Posted by Craig [Leeds, UK]

Dave G you know I love you. I fell in love with you many years ago and that love has just got stronger over the years. I dream of us being together constantly and my life would finally be complete to be yours. Dave G I love you truly and deeply.

Posted by 'J'

Dear J...

We have been the best of friends for 3 years. I don't know when and how, but our friendship grew to something more than we both cannot admit.

Maybe, we are afraid of losing what we have if we take it to the next level. But the longer it takes for us to be true, the more difficult it becomes for both us.

Posting this might help.

I love you.

I know you love me too.


Posted by Haru

Dear YUJIN nuna,

I know I'm not perfect. I know that I've been hard on you these past few days. I'm sorry if I made it hard for you but today is our special day, I have nothing to feel but grateful..

Thank you for being you, for understanding me and all of my things.

I love you, nuna...even if one day we couldn't be together, I will still love you because loving you is the best thing that happened in my life, beside myself...

You're the best thing in my life, let's be happy in the future.

Happy 2nd Month Anniversary, babe...



Posted by N.B.

Dear Luis P.

I'd love to see you smile every day.
Because to me, you're like the sun
that shines brighter and brighter each day.
So, keep on shining.


Posted by "Your Love" from "The Moon"

My darling, from the moment we met, my life and my heart has been yours. You have given me so much to look forward to that I spend everyday just wondering how to make you smile more.

You are my sun during the day, my moon and my stars in the night and my help keep for the rest of my life.

When God made you, He made my reason for living, my pursuit in life, my bestest friend and my love for a lifetime wrapped into the most beautiful creation I ever laid eyes on.

Remember this day when I let the world know just how much you mean to me because soon, I will show you just how much you mean to me.

Posted by Amber

Life is a rollercoaster, the feeling of reaching the top knowing you're about to fall. That was kind of our story, you let me reach the top and then instead of us both falling, I plummeted to the bottom alone.

I spend every day over the what if's and I think everything happens for a reason.

You see we had 2 weeks of bliss. I couldn't have been happier. Those two weeks cost me approximately 7 months of heart break so far, because I was already in love with you. It just hadn't seemed a possibility until then, all of a sudden it was taken from me... by you the person I couldn't see fault in.

Maybe you had the best reason but you never shared it with me. I hope you're happy because then at least one of us isn't crying at 1 am. A connection that strong and intense doesn't come along very often so until the time is right and I can say I love you to your face, I will say it here...Dear R. I love you.

Posted by Anonymous

I want you to be happy now, in the future, in this life, in the one after, always and forever.

There is not much that I am sure of but I am sure that I love you and there is nothing I would like more than to spend whatever time I have with you.

I want to look at you every day and I want to hear your voice every second of my life. I want to make you happy. But I know you will never be happy with me, so just be happy without me. May you find a beautiful girl who loves you to death and who makes you feel the luckiest man alive and who can bring asmile to your eyes. A girl who will make you feel proud of her, the one who will take your breath away. May you have everything your heart desires for...with or without me. Just be happy!

Posted by Sara

I am wondering what it would be like if you loved me, I am wondering what it would be like if I was the woman who could take your breath away, who could keep you awake at nights, who could make you love like you never loved before.

I am wondering, did you ever have any bit of love for me. Did you ever want me?

I am wondering what if I had what it takes to be your woman. I am sorry I don't. life is going on but it's not the same without you. I will go on living but the pain will always be there. I would talk to you even if only to have my heart broken again and again but I stay because I cannot see disappointment in your eyes.

Posted by Kunal

Hi Love,
Knowing you are with me makes my life a dream come true.
Remembering our first kiss is remembering since when my heart beats for you.
When we first held hands, our souls became one.
Seeing you is feeling everything is fine.
My love, I share all my feelings with you.
I know there are better girls than me,
but I am sure you are the best boyfriend of all.
I love you. Yours...

Posted by Bablooo

It's the time I want to declare my love for you and would like to hear back from you. It's me your favorite nincompoop. Hope you remember. I want to tell you that I could go to all edges to avail a chance to live with you. My dearly wishes with you, that you have an adventurous year ahead and live it to its fullest.

Yours wannabe,

Posted by Carlo

Dear Langga,

I'm very and always happy to be with you. We may have problems and issues throughout our relationship but I know we can survive this. You make me believe that I can change myself for betterment of my life. I'm lucky enough to be your partner. I love you so much :*

Posted by T.R.

To Bernie,

Since the day I met you at the conference, I have your smile in my head. I think my brain captured a lot of your traits in the 30 min we talked.

I think you're a kind and warm person. Bright but not arrogant. You listened to me with amusement and I'm glad I made you laugh.

I look at your picture in the email, with your friendly and inviting smile. I left your last email not far away from my daily emails, just so that I can start the day seeing your picture.

Thank you for keeping my mind with such excitement.

Posted by Anonymous

My Beautiful Baby,

I promised you a love letter.
But I really wanted to promise you my heart.
I promised you a love letter.
But I really wanted to promise you my soul.
I promised you a love letter.
But the words won't come out.
I promised you a love letter.
But the tears stream down my face instead.
I promised you a love letter.
But how can you tell your best friend that you love them so deeply.
So completely.
So magically.
I promised you a love letter.
But instead I promise to love you for eternity.

Posted by Anonymous

When I tell you that I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known or met, I really, really mean it.

The reason I say this is that I have never met someone with the combination of intelligence, physical beauty, wit, sexiness, charm and the sense of humor that you possess. I mean it. You are the full package; a unique combination of everything. And I love all of it. You are truly, truly amazing and special and one-of-a-kind.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Peaches,

I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. I've felt this way for so so long. Since 8th grade.

The first moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were something special. I could just feel it. You can be dumb sometimes but you stole my heart without even knowing it. I honestly hate being smitten for you. More than anything.

I see you and Tiffany together. It doesn't hurt. I think I'm immune to that now but I just want to let you know you will always have a place in my heart. Even if we stop talking.

Posted by Lynn

Mark, you already know how much I love you. This is just a quick note to declare it to the world.

L.K. + M.T.

It's like carving our initials on the world wide web.


Posted by Jim

Sheri, I've always loved you but you know that. I never acted on it because of what was going on in each of our lives at the time. It wouldn't have been fair to have our love be the pain of so many.

Things have changed for me, the hurt caused would be minimal at this point but I could never disrupt your life. I love you too much for that.

As I leave this message on this site, know it's my complete and total declaration of love to you. It represents my commitment to waiting for you, silently and alone (but never lonely having you in my heart) until you are ready to join me on our life's journey together.

My love always..... J

Posted by Anonymous

For the girl I fell in love with. You know when you think you're in love but you're not and it's just an illusion. You never know until you feel that feeling for real.

It happened to me.

It started with some songs, then eye contact, then the day that she told me she liked me.

At first I thought she was kidding and she wasn't going to take the relationship seriously but all was revealed after a short trip and I stood next to her. I was falling in love.

I could only feel love but not accept love at the time.

I remember the moment that I hugged her, and the first time we held hands. I remember her eyes and that look that said 'I love you'. They flash through my mind like a movie. I go to bed every night hoping that if i don't see her again in real life at least I hope to see her in my dreams.

I just want to say... I love you and I will always love you.

Posted by Saggy

Dear Sherz

I am really sorry I was being an eccentric jerk today. I was just a little stressed out and the whole Danny mail stuff was kind of playing on my mind. It kind of reminded me of how my teachers asked my ex to stay away from me. I know it's in the past and all but all those scars are still kind of in me. I could not sit far from you and work, that's why I came to the library, not that it helped. I love you a lot and it's really hard for me without you. Not just for now but my entire life.



Posted by P.J.

A Love Letter Poem

Because I fell in love with you,
Gladly, madly, with only a glance
There is only one task left to do
Give me your love and take a chance.

Okay that's two, but you've got me confused
Do you love me back, or leave me alone?
I need you to tell me what to do.
Or maybe tell me you have a clone.

I'm nervous to tell you how I really feel,
I'll climb a mountain and yell it - is that crazy?
I mean that's a lot for me to reveal,
But at least you’ll know that I'm not lazy.

You've captured my heart and left me no choice
But to sing my romance out from high above.
After this mountain top thing, I've lost my voice,
So tell me please that you share my love.

PJ xo

Posted by M.H.

Melanie, My Love...

I need to fess up. Ever since I met you, I can only think of you and your eyes, your smile, your touch. You fill my heart with unexpected joy and my head with incredible dreams. I know my love will only grow each and every day that I'm with you.

When I'm alone, I hear your voice whispering sweet nothings. You are always with me and I pray that you always will be.

Yours always and forever,

Mark xo

Posted by Phil

For my love, Jenny...

I feel so warm and lost sometimes,
When I think of you each night and day,
But when I see you, I see rainbows,
I love you more than words can say...

You're perfect, our love is complete!
I love you through and through,
Diamonds and roses may fade into shadows...
But I'm absolutely crazy about you!

Your soul is loving, your heart is open,
And my heart is truly in your hands.
I could dream and fantasize 'til life is over,
But YOU are the center of all my plans.

This intense emotion I feel is truly perfect love,
And for you, Jenny, I can only thank Heaven above.

All my love, Phil x

Posted by Alicia

To My Dearest Babe,

Crazy, Stupid, Love.... I look back on things and realize how sorry I am that I wasn't brave enough to fight for you but I loved you and I always will. I will regret the fact that I didn't fight hard enough for the love of my life, for the rest of my life. Take care of yourself, I will cherish all the memories that we had and know that I will love you for eternity.

Love coupons to say sorry to your love