Love Letters for Her

Your love letters for girlfriends, wives or any other important women in your life ... Some are romantic, others sweet and cute, but what they all have in common are heartfelt declarations of love.

The back of a woman with pink overlay and Girlfriend Love Letters written next to her

So you’re thinking about writing a love letter to your girlfriend, wife, daughter and not sure where to begin.

Post your own love letterYou can’t stop thinking about her. You think about how she smiles when you walk in a room. How she laughs at your jokes. She is your perfect fit. You know she’s unique, beautiful and deserves only the best expressions of your affection. And you want to present her with the love letter that tells her how and why she is so special to you.

For girlfriends and wives, the right letter can take her on a romantic getaway,  a trip down romance lane without ever leaving the house.

For daughters and other important women in your life, a love letter can show her the true depths of your devotion.

But where to start? Right here.

These are crafted poems and love letters, written by others. What they all have in common is that they’re unquestionable declarations of love. Choose one, get inspired by several, then write your own.

Love Letters & Poems to Girlfriends, Wives & Daughters

My Love Letter to Her #2
It’s me. I know it is kind of unusual for me to write to you like this. It is getting hard for me to put aside my feelings for you….

Happy Anniversary My Love
This is the perfect time to revisit our memories. It was exactly 1000 days ago when we began the most beautiful love story ….

To the Love of My Life on Valentine’s Day
On Valentine’s day, I want to confess that I had been dreaming of you, way before I met you, way before you were even born in this world….

A Love Poem To My Baby
A love poem to my beautiful amazing baby, If only you knew. Somehow. How much I truly love and cherish you…

To My Daughter Jessica
We drove for more that an hour in silence with you never moving your head and it seemed like the whole world had stopped and nothing else mattered…

My Love Letter To Her
A Love Letter in Hindi….प्रिये नेहा जी शुभआशीष बहुत दिनो से आपका कोई पत्र नही मिला । आपकी पढाई एवं शिक्षण कार्य कैसा चल रहा है।….

My Unrequited Love, Pinh’s Song
I long to show you how I would love you forever, and be your inspiration, your rock, your companion and your steadfast friend for life…

My Love, I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me.
My Love I’m sorry. I have done wrong and I cannot change any of it. I love you and I only ask that you see me now for the person I have become…

A Love Letter on our Anniversary, Honey
A letter of love for our 6th anniversary to my Honey and the love of my life. Thank you for loving me and making me a better person…

A Love Letter To My Girlfriend & Soulmate
Dear Jan… I have a confession. I love you. Forgive me for this pouring out of my heart but it’s something I’ve needed to do since that cherished day when we first met…

My Funny Love Letter To Her
Dear You… It’s me, but you probably knew that since I am the only one around here leaving you notes. Or at least I think that’s the case. I guess …

My Confession and Love Letter To Chérie
My Darling Chérie… You are the light that shines through the darkness for me. You are my beacon, my lighthouse, my love. When I think about all that you’ve done for me…

A Birthday Love Letter
Happy Birthday my love! I don’t always buy you the right gift so I thought I would write you a few words, too. Today is the day we celebrate you…

A Love Letter to Jenny
My sweet Jenny…I used to write these all the time—guess it’s been awhile. Sorry about that. Don’t think that I’m not still in love with you. Just busy I guess…

Love Poem For My Wife
My Darling… You are my wife, the love of my life and my hero. I never want to take you, or the fact that you make everything better, for granted….

My First Love Letter To My Wife
Dear Susan… When I was helping my mom organize her papers, we found a box of love letters from my dad. We both got pretty emotional as we read them…..