Letter of Love: The One That Got Away

by Peter J.

Dear Grace,

You were the love of my life and I didn’t even know it …And I let you go because of my ego.

We were both stationed in the Caribbean, in the Navy. I was young and stupid.  You were young and beautiful.  It was the most wonderful time in my life.

We worked together, we laughed together, we played together. Those romantic walks on the beach at sunrise, the way your hair would blow in the ocean breeze, the way you teased me. All these memories bring tears to my eyes.

Our love was pure joy. It was comfort, security, lust, companionship all rolled into one.

I relive them almost daily. It’s been almost 23 years and I still think of you and wonder how you are. I still love you.

When you were deployed to another location all that time ago, I knew I would see you again.  And I did see you again.  And those times were great too but somehow not the same.

Maybe it was because we began to slowly grow apart and both refused to acknowledge it. Not seeing each other every day and not knowing about the little things that happen in life slowly eroded our relationship.

But, then something changed.  We talked daily and made an effort to fill each other in on the small things.  I continued to visit you. And you even visited me at my family’s home.

After the trip, we each went back to our respective bases and somehow lost each other.  Our daily calls turned into every other day, then a few times a week. Our schedules got busy and we somehow couldn’t find the time. I thought it was a phase, a normal part of the strain of a long-distance relationship.

I should have fought harder. I loved you and you loved me and that should have been all that mattered.

I thought I would see you again.  But it never happened.

You were and will always be the love of my life.


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