A Love Letter to My Long Lost Love

A.J.—Auckland, NZ

My twin flame, I think of you often. Very often. And have since that last time when we burned brightly together.

Yes, it’s me, reaching out to you across time. You may never read this.

It may be years and years from now—me just a fading memory. A mistake you so nearly avoided. But for me, your memory, your love, and my eternally deep well of love, its bottomless fathoms, for you continues brightly burning…never dimming, always strong with an intensity that years and centuries and millennia could not fade.

At one time you knew this too… My soul aches for its twin flame.

Perhaps time has convinced you of the flightiness and fancifulness of youth, that those feelings were immature, undeveloped. For heaven’s sake, wake that flame, that passion. Wake it to experiment upon the love and flame of your youth.

I constantly play different scenarios in my mind. What if you were willing to reignite that passion? What if that flame burns oh so dimly but is still there?

Alas, time and circumstance were not our friends.

Yes, I found a new love. A good man, with a good heart who has given me a good life. But his and my flames have never burned as brightly, our passion never reaching the same heights.

Then I remember how dear these words once rang to your heart… “I would rather be in hell with you than in heaven without you”.

Yes, it is me. And I have never stopped loving you…



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