Love Letter to Jenny

by Gregory (Santa Monica)

My sweet Jenny,

I used to write these all the time – guess it’s been awhile. Sorry about that. Don’t think that I’m not still in love with you. Just busy I guess. But let me slow my life down a moment and tell you how much you mean to me.

The little things you do for me, for us, each day never ceases to amaze me. Where do you find the time to make my lunch? Thank you for that. I love the little notes you put inside. I always reach in and wonder if today will be the day you didn’t put one in – but nope, they are always there. Just like you. There for me. I am here for you too. Even if I seem caught up in work, trust me, you’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last on my mind when I go to sleep.

I can’t believe I met you. I was about to give up on love and eat microwave dinners every night. Now I get to spend those nights with you. And enjoy your cooking. Unless I make you eat my chili. Which you say you love, but I have a feeling you could make it better. When we met, my life was not a lot of fun. The second you smiled at me that was my first thought. She looks fun. And you were.

I like the ideas you come up with for new things to do. I’m a guy that was happy to watch TV and stay home, but you kept insisting that we hit a club or try new food. I am so happy you shook me out of my routine. Even that museum was fun. You make things fun and exciting. Soon, we will be together for a year and I want to be the one coming up with a plan.

I thought we might go away this weekend. Drive upstate, not too far and spend the night in a motel? Like the old days when we went camping, but I won’t make you sleep in a tent again. You’re a good sport but I know you like a real roof. What do you say? Want to get away with me?

Anyway, even if we stay home, I just wanted you to know that you are on my mind. I am crazy for you. Or just crazy. Now, go get ready for work. I love you. See you tonight.

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