Jessica, A Love Letter to My Daughter

J.M.Barnes (Stuart, Florida)

One morning as I was driving my 18 wheeler westbound on I-10 and I was just passing the Texas-Louisiana border the only sound was 18 wheels turning and a heartfelt song coming out the radio, the lyrics being “…just an old plywood boat and a 75 Johnson with an electric choke”, the song being about a young boy’s time he spent on a lake with his father.

The song caused my mind to drift back to a time when you were a little girl. Maybe 3 years old and you were wearing overalls and sitting in your child seat in my pickup truck. We went to visit my mother in Orange City, Florida and my mother was not home so we stopped at a little seafood restaurant for lunch.

After finishing our meal we headed to your other grandmother who lived in Elkton, Florida and because you hadn’t had a nap you got cranky. I reached over to comfort you and you grabbed my hand and pushed my hand down on your tray that was attached to your child seat and used my hand as a pillow.

We drove for more that an hour in silence with you never moving your head and it seemed like the whole world had stopped and nothing else mattered.

I guess I never wanted you to grow up after that.

That is the memory I will have as I take my last breath, that of my little girl using my hand as her pillow.

All little girls are beautiful.

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