I'll Be Waiting For You

by Hana

My dearest baby,

Hope you had a good flight and that you’ve made it without having to watch Money Heist without me.. Lol

I was sitting at home while watching YouTube with Zulayka, then it came to me, a flashback of you telling me how you feel in the car just now.

I cried. Because I thought we had such a good time despite your being busy but the thing that made me sad is how you think about me.

How you are questioning yourself on the need to please me when all I want is you to do it without question. But thank you for doing all that. I really appreciate it.

I realized we miss a lot of stuff trying to fix the marriage. I miss you and us..

I was busy pointing out your small mistakes and you were busy defending them (with patience and I love you for that) up until I can feel the tension and the chemistry between us keep fading.

Aren’t we both tired of fighting? Well, the most important question is that do we still love each other as much as we thought or whether this is merely an obligation?

I am sorry baby. I cannot be the wife that you were hoping me to be.

But I do know I have to keep changing myself so that you are happy with your version of ME. I hope you can do the same things too without asking why you have to do that. Isn’t that what they call

Remember back then when we fought we knew somehow we will come back to each other. Sometimes I ask why can’t we want the same thing.

How did we do it when we were in a long distance relationship back then?

I want to fix us but I want to know if we are in the same page.

Honestly I am scared, when you told me that, because I fear that both of us will eventually fall out of love if we keep questioning what we do for each other.

I love you even though you made me cry.

Even through my tears, I love you. I am not just with you, I love you and will always love you.

Yes, you made me cry, and I have been to the point where I thought my heart was breaking. But even through my tears, I knew I forgave you, just as you have forgiven me at times because you are my true partner in life.

So I want us to RESET.

Love each other like how we use to. Make an effort to change for good without questioning why we have to make those efforts so that we both can be happy.

I can’t do it alone… to make us work.

I hope you are on the same page. Tell me baby. I’ll be waiting.

Love you always,

Your Love.

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