How To Write A love Letter

Love letters are always most effective when they come from the heart.

We’re asked all the time about how to write a love letter so we put together this helpful guide.

Since you’re writing to convey your personal feelings, overall your words need to come from a place of honesty. Use your unique voice, meaning the way you speak and communicate, especially with the person you’re writing to.

This is not the time to pretend you’re Shakespeare, unless of course you are a 16th English poet. If you can’t find the right words, use the words of others. Adapt and tailor them as necessary, to sound more like you. And if a little Shakespeare seems to be just what’s needed, quote him freely throughout your letter but the letter still needs to sound like it’s coming from you.

We all buy greeting cards with sentiments on them. It’s no different taking sentiments or phrases that capture what you want to say from other love letters—the important part is to add to them, and make sure that every word in your letter clearly shows that they are intended for your recipient.

Have fun. Write and be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be clear.


Love Letter Greeting

Say their name either in the greeting itself or very soon after. “Hey” isn’t an effective greeting. If you have an established nickname or pet-name for them, use it. You can open with a simple “Dear _______,” or consider the following:

Use any one of these if they sound like something you would say in this type of situation,
My Dear Sweet _________,
My Beloved _____,
My Precious _____,
My Sweet _____,
My Handsome _______,
My Cherished ______,
My Beautiful _____,
Darling ______,
Dearest _____,

Since these don’t include the person’s name, make sure their name is included soon after,
My Love,
My Angel,
My One and Only,
My Honey,
To the Woman/Man I Love,
To my Love,
To My Sweetie,
To My Sweetheart,
To My One True Love,
To My Soul Mate,
To the Love of my Life,

Love Letter Opening

Let them know why you are writing the letter then follow up with a memorable thought or even something funny (if appropriate for your relationship). Add a few romantic elements to get them excited about what’s to come. Phrases like:

You came into my life and it changed forever…
You entered my life and moved my soul…
You’ve shown me what true love is…
Your love fills my heart with joy…
Every time I think of you, my heart takes flight…

Love Letter Body

This is where it gets really personal. It’s really the meat of your love letter.

After the greeting and an opening paragraph, now is the time to let them know you’re writing this letter specifically to share your feelings. Describe your love for them and how you feel—illustrate the points you’re trying to make by re-telling a memory of a special day you had together, or proposing an ideal date together.

This is the part where the letter really needs to sound like you so make sure your personality and relationship shines through. This is where your words and your voice should show them that you’re speaking from the heart. Be bold and clear.

Keep it about them. Compliment them on their personality, style, looks, or whatever stands out to you. Tell them why they captured your heart.

Be honest. It’s okay, in fact, a good trait, to show a vulnerable side of yourself. But again, keep the focus on the subject which is your love for them.

Love Letter Closing

Sign off with Love always, or something a little different….
Love you so much,
Your soulmate,
All my love,
Forever yours,
With all the love in my heart,
Love always,
Until the end of time,
Yours unconditionally,
Yours until the end of time,
Forever and always,
Eternally yours,

Learning how to write a love letter is as easy as following the outline above. The most important element is to speak from the heart and have fun. This is love, after all.