A Love Poem To My Baby


Heart and Arrow Separator

To my beautiful amazing baby,

If only you knew.


How much I truly love and cherish you.

And how…..

Words never say it.

Words never get to the truth.

Words never reveal me.

But that’s all I have.

Are words.

So let me tell you today……

How treasured you are.

How special you are.

How much I think of you.

How highly I regard you.

How indelible is the imprint you have left on my life.


I will never forget you.

Or stop loving you.

Or thinking of you.

Or believing in you as a person.

Or wondering where you are.

One thing I know for sure.

My life………

Is so much richer and better………

For knowing you.

And loving you.


Like I have loved no other.

Or will again.


I love you like no other.